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Wed. Dec. 4

How to rent Dothan condos on classifieds

There are many houses for rent online; yours is just like a drop in the ocean. Residents looking to relocate are strategic with their plans and preferred locations. They are usually left with many to pick from. Give Dothan classified ads the credits — you can rent your condos quickly and with limited expenses.

As it happens, people still struggle to get residents for their homes. Rentals require optimal planning. If you’re breeding a puppy to sell in the future, you have to bombard it with healthy dog meals until it is matured enough to yield puppies.

The same thing applies when selling apartments on classifieds. Before posting your ad, you should plan smartly and always be considerate. Here are some reasons why your rental is still empty:

Reasons why you have a vacant rental

If you haven’t received any resident and your home is still empty, know one thing: you need to make some adjustments.

Your rent might be too high for new tenants:

It could be that you have a high-priced unit. While some tenants distance themselves from your ad, others check through it and still do nothing. Why is that? They believe that there are other comparable houses at a lower cost.

What’s the solution to this? It goes three ways:

●Sit back and wait for the right tenants. Consider the economic effect it has on you. Say, your rental costs $8000, and you decrease it to $7800. Who knows? A tenant may develop interest, as you now have an acceptable value. If you wait for three months, you lose the rent for that period.

●Lower your rent. Have in mind that some tenants are waiting for you to reduce the estimated rent. This approach serves as a way to intrigue new tenants.

●Change some appliances. Here’s another option: you can leave your rent the way it is and focus on polishing your home. Beautify both the interior and outer space. This could enlighten searchers that you’re honest with your price.

Any which way, the process involves patience. You have to wait for someone who’s looking for the exact house that you got. Maybe you have a strict screening technique. Or perhaps, your security deposit is unpleasant. You just have to wait for the right prospect that’ll take action.

Undesirable features may also be the source of delay. Everyone’s taste is different. I could be renting a home with small-space surroundings, but because you need to park your hefty cars, my house wouldn’t be of interest.

Advertising rental apartments the right way

Here’s the stage where you have to plan well and search for relevant resources. By now, you must have chosen a price range. Decide how often your rental pay comes in, and do the following:

Create a compelling description

The first few lines of your story create the path you need. If you make it right, new tenants will troop in.

Describe as though you’re walking through the surroundings of your home. Emphasize why residents would love to live in your house. You can start with two of the two key points: your bedroom and the type of property. Accompany that with the following:

●Talk about bedroom design, interior, and appliances. You have a better chance if these materials are reputable brands.

●Move your focus to the stairs and size.

●Time to talk about the communal surroundings and garden.

●Observe pinpoints and explain in terms of appearance.

Here’s a helpful tip — highlight some features in capital letters.

Emphasize the features

Features are one of your key selling points. They serve as answers to the tenants’ questions. This aspect should have all the crucial details of your home, bedrooms, toilets, and other parts of the house. If it has particular areas like the garden, swimming pool, and a chill spot, don’t forget to include them.

Take attractive photos

You’re through with the written aspect. It’s high time you consider the visuals of the house. Take pictures, great ones. Before you do this, ensure the house is neat.

Aspiring tenants are disgusted by a couple of things, and one major problem is a messy and unpleasant home. It chases them away. You should clean all the dirty areas and take photos during the day.

Use the photos to create a tour guide. Anyone that looks through your ad should have a clear view of what you’re advertising.

Install proper lightings
Lighting is one essential component of a sweet home. Ensure all the connections are intact. If there’s an issue, be quick to fix it.

Good lighting also helps to produce sparkling pictures. Avoid taking pics in the dark. If you have to wait for light, then do so.

Get a camera if possible.

Although using your iPhone to take a few shots does it well, it is still low-standard compared to a photography package. If you can get hold of a good camera, please do, as it helps to increase attention gained.

Benefits of advertising rental apartments on classifieds

Rentals are standard in today’s society. People are residing in the hope of a better life. Renting houses on classifieds comes with some advantages, and they include:

Swift turnovers

Classified ads work miraculously. You could post something for sale or rent today, and it gets cleared after a few days. Putting your rental on classifieds allows entry of swift response.

Ability to add photos

Photos are essentials in almost any online activity. They tell whether your offer is excellent or unpleasant. Classifieds enable posting of pictures, which, in the real sense, feels like a benefit.

Easy-to-find location

Most apartment ads come with the name of the place. If you want to make your ad more appealing, add the area at the headline. Lastly, ensure you accompany it with the proper information.


It is easy to find rentals near Dothan. What seems complicated is the planning and strategy in selecting from the large cluster of options thrown at you. Reasonably, you need a reliable platform to place your ad. More importantly, it has to be compelling.